Due to its sweetness, some people would assume that consuming dates may not be good for them. Dates are made up of lots of natural sugars and are quite tasty. They are popular in the middle east and is a staple in their diets.

A common misconception is that these fruits are actually dried, but in reality, the dates you do buy are the ripened version of the fruit. They originally are green, hard, and quite bitter, but once they start to ripen, they become one of the sweetest fruits. Once you have picked the dates off the palm tree, you can store them for years and they only get better with time, just like a good glass of wine.

If you have a huge sweet tooth and are keen on looking for something a bit healthier to consume for dessert, dates are the best choice for you. They are packed with nutrients and are quite healthy. Eating them on a daily basis has quite a lot of benefits.

Reduce Risk of Acquiring Colon Cancer

We know that our digestive system is filled with good or normal flora bacteria that aid in our digestion and keeps us healthy. Aside from the fact that the abundance of fiber in dates makes it easier for our system to digest the food we eat, it actually makes sure that our bodies are free from bad bacteria and have the right amount of good ones.

Further research by the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences were able to show that people who are consuming dates on a regular basis are able to improve the growth of good bacteria in their system which in turn inhibits the growth of colon cancer cells.

In additions to this, dates are filled all sorts of antioxidants that destroy free radicals that feed cancer cells.

Dr. Greger

According to Dr. Greger, the founder of nutritionfacts.org, there is some actual evidence pointing towards the healthy benefits of dates and its ability to prevent colon cancer. Dates have been proven to hold powerful medicinal properties, and some studies have suggested that dates contain potent anti-cancerous nutrients. This comes down to a few different factors, but some of them are the high levels of prebiotics that dates contain. This contributes to good gut flora, which is really important to avoid cancer. Furthermore, some studies have shown that dates could help to minimize cancer growth down to half.

Helps with constipation

Traditionally, dates have been used as a natural remedy for constipation in hospitals for years. This is because they contain a lot of fiber, and fiber-rich foods are promoting healthy bowel movements. It is also helping food to pass through the intestinal tract without further problems. If you need a natural remedy for constipation, the best way to do it is first to let the dates soak overnight. This helps the dates to soften up. Blend this into a paste together with some liquid in a food processor, and then it’s ready to eat!

Stool ammonia reduced after consuming dates

Another perk with eating dates for excellent colon health is that it minimizes the ammonia levels in your stool. Why is that important? According to nutritionsfacts.org, studies are pointing towards the theory that higher colonic pH, promotes a higher risk of getting colon cancer. A lower pH level will induce the chances of getting it. High levels of ammonia raise the pH levels, and therefore you would want to recuse the levels of ammonia as much as possible! Scientists have also found that diet plays a huge role when it comes to cancer, for example in studies where they compared the risk of acquiring colon cancer between people living in Africa and people residing in America. It turns out, Americans stand a 50 times higher chance of ending up with colon cancer. The only thing that connected the two groups where you could see a significant difference was the diet.

Long Lasting Energy

If you are looking for a quick burst of energy that would last longer, dates are definitely the superfood for you. Dates contain natural sugars like glucose, sucrose, and fructose, which is definitely better than consuming refined sugars that give you a spark and eventually crashes you after a short while. With all the components of dates like potassium, magnesium, vitamins, antioxidants, and fibers, you are definitely getting more than just empty calories.

Long lasting energy due to the carbs

It is not only because of the nutrients that dates give you long sustained energy, and it is not only thanks to avoiding fast carbs either. It works because of the vast amount of carbs that dates actually contain as well. We need carbohydrates to function, that’s what gives us energy. However, the right type of carbs will also get stored in your body, and therefore your power will last longer. Dates consist of as much as 75 percent carbohydrates, with almost no fat at all! If you eat a diet containing 2000 calories a day, you would have to eat 300 grams of carbs each day to reach optimal energy and health. Only one date holds a whole 6 percent of that, no wonder it gives us long lasting power!

Energy after working out

Dates contain just the perfect amount of carbohydrates, and therefore works as an ideal post-workout meal. The glucose in the dates will help your muscles to regenerate and recover, precisely what you need after a hard workout. To make sure you don’t forget to eat a bite after the gym, pack some dates in a Tupperware and bring it in your gym bag!

The quick energy source for diabetes

Dates contain a large number of simple sugars, and it comes mainly in the form of glucose and fructose. This is the type of sugar that is the best type for providing quick energy. If you’re diabetic, this is crucial, as the sugar will be absorbed really quickly into the blood, if your blood sugar drops too low.

Dates are also convenient to keep if you are a diabetic, as their sugars are rapidly absorbed into the blood for use in the case of an event where your blood sugar drops too low, too fast. However, if you struggle with keeping your blood sugar in control, you should not consume dates frequently.

Improve Digestive Health

Due to the high-fiber content of dates, your digestive system will move regularly and more efficiently. With just one cup of dates, you are getting 12g of fiber, and that’s almost half of what you need as part of your daily intake.

Consuming dates prevents constipation and has been proven to improve stool frequency. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition confirmed that individuals who consumed at least 7 pieces of dates for 21 days straight, have shown immense improvement in bowel movements and have improved theirs over digestion.

Improve Neurological Performance

Dates are abundant in vitamin B6 which improve neurological performance. This vitamin aids the production of serotonin and norepinephrine which are both needed by the body in order to cope with stress. It is said that people with insufficient B6 in their system, are often depressed. Consuming dates are not only healthy for your body, but for your mind as well.

Stronger nails and longer hair

Because dates provide such a high intake of Vitamin B6, they give the most significant fuel for your hair and nails. Your hair and nails thrive off B6, so it’s the ultimate superfood if you want these to grow quicker. There are no actual studies on this, but there are some old beliefs from the middle east that dates actually makes your hair shinier as well. With all those vitamins, it wouldn’t surprise us!

Treat Hemorrhoids

Due to swollen veins in your rectum, a protrusion due to inflammation occurs. It is often caused by constipation which strains the lower end of your digestive tract. It is a terrible condition to experience, in severe cases, surgery is the only option. However, this can be treated if caught early. It’s just a matter of changing your diet and increasing hydration.

Doctors would recommend a high-fiber diet and aside from all the great choices of fruits and vegetables out there – dates are one of the best sources of fiber that can heal hemorrhoids.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Dates contain the right amount of potassium that helps lower Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), this specific type of cholesterol is known as the bad cholesterol in our bodies. They are responsible for causing the blockage in our arteries that would lead to atherosclerosis or even strokes.

A study was done on older women, and it was confirmed that the high potassium content of dates has lowered their risks of getting a stroke.

This is definitely a treat you would want to constantly have around at home. It’s delicious, healthy, and highly beneficial. You can’t go wrong with investing in these amazing fruits.

You’ll treat your anemia

If you suffer from anemia, dates could be the perfect superfood for you. This is due to its abundance of iron. Iron helps with transporting the red blood cells in your blood, which is what one is usually lacking if suffering from anemia. If you are deficient in iron, it could then cause anemia. The symptoms are fatigue, dizziness, very brittle nails and constant shortness of breath. Although, if you increase your iron intake, you will stand an excellent chance to get better. Dates could possibly provide relief of these symptoms. There is however not enough research done on the subject, so this is at the moment just some speculations that have been done.

You’ll treat sexual dysfunction

If you are suffering from sexual dysfunction, dates will maybe provide a benefit for you. Because dates contain such high levels of estradiol and flavonoid, that will help the body to increase sperm count.

In traditional Indian medicine, dates are also used to treat male infertility. Dates are also an easy way to boost libido and sexual functions, and especially organic dates have aphrodisiac like properties.

You will prevent night blindness

Have you ever heard of night blindness? This is when your eyesight doesn’t work correctly in the dark or at night. Other symptoms could be suffering from dry eyes or an increased risk of eye infections. Very often, this comes down to being deficient of vitamin A. There are some studies suggesting dates could help with this because they contain a huge lot of vitamin A.

Healthier bones

Some studies, for example, a publication by Julie Garden-Robinson Ph.D., at North Dakota State University suggests that dates contain something called boron. Amongst nutrients, this is the most crucial one for maintaining healthy bones.

The study suggests that dates would be able to fight off painful diseases like osteoporosis.

Dates may promote a healthier weight gain

According to USDA, with the dates being so high in fiber it might actually help with weight control. Most people are naturally thinking about weight loss, but it seems like dates are playing an even more significant role in healthily gaining weight.

Some people need to gain weight for different reasons, and with dates being naturally calorie-dense it may provide you with just the nutritious calories that you would need.

You will boost your vitamin K levels

Dates have an abundance of Vitamin K which has a whole load of different health benefits. With everything from promoting heart health, improving cognitive function and prevent cancer – to promoting your dental health – vitamin K is a vitamin you merely don’t want to miss out on. Actually a lot of the benefits from dates origins from the vitamin K.

Sooth your menstrual pain and PMS

Menstrual cramps can be excruciating and are something a lot of women suffer from monthly. What is almost even worse is the mental issues women can be facing from PMS, something not often talked about.

Luckily it is possible to treat, or at least get some relief, with the correct diet.

Dates are suggested to be a good compliment in such diet, as it regulates the cycle, and the vitamin K governs the amount of bleeding.