Could it be true that the discovery of a simple, healthy regimen could cut out the need for prescription pills to combat diabetes and prediabetes? According to Austin-based doctor, Dr. Marlene Merritt we may well be able to dramatically change how we treat the disease and possibly even cure it.

After two years of research and trials she has released a practical diet and regimen that doesn’t just control the symptoms of diabetes but actually reverse them.

Unbelievably, medical journals have been slow to publish her miraculous findings and she has a theory. Dr. Merritt suspects the reluctance is due to the influence of the pharmaceutical industry, which stands to lose billions in loss of drug sales.

So let’s take a look at these mysterious but simple changes you can make to combat diabetes and prediabetes without the drugs.

The first thing to do, according to Dr. Merritt, is to combat insulin surges by making small dietary changes. The most important food to reduce your intake of is carbohydrates, and DR, Merritt has a simple way to understand how to lower this without counting grams and stressing about your diet. She suggests you begin to cut down your carbohydrate intake until you no longer desire them or have a craving for them. If you experience cravings, you are eating too much, slowly start to reduce them until the craving dissipates.

The second small change is simple. Eat before you’re hungry. Adrenals manage your blood sugar and when it drops, they jump into action. Eat every two to three hours to keep your adrenals in balance.

And thirdly. Exercise. Even a 30 minute walk every other day will contribute to your disposition towards diabetes. Exercise burns up the glucose in your body and gets the insulin out of your system faster. It couldn’t be simpler.

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So there you have it! The simple secrets that Dr. Merritt says, “Diabetics need to know”!

Go get your hormones balanced, get your energy back and restore your health!

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