Due to its sweetness, some people would assume that consuming dates may not be good for them. Dates are made up of lots of natural sugars and are quite tasty. They are popular in the middle east and is a staple in their diets.

A common misconception is that these fruits are actually dried, but in reality, the dates you do buy are the ripened version of the fruit. They originally are green, hard, and quite bitter, but once they start to ripen, they become one of the sweetest fruits. Once you have picked the dates off the palm tree, you can store them for years and they only get better with time, just like a good glass of wine.

If you have a huge sweet tooth and are keen on looking for something a bit healthier to consume for dessert, dates are the best choice for you. They are packed with nutrients and are quite healthy. Eating them on a daily basis has quite a lot of benefits.

Reduce Risk of Acquiring Colon Cancer

We know that our digestive system is filled with good or normal flora bacteria that aid in our digestion and keeps us healthy. Aside from the fact that the abundance of fiber in dates makes it easier for our system to digest the food we eat, it actually makes sure that our bodies are free from bad bacteria and have the right amount of good ones.

Further research by the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences were able to show that people who are consuming dates on a regular basis are able to improve the growth of good bacteria in their system which in turn inhibits the growth of colon cancer cells.

In additions to this, dates are filled all sorts of antioxidants that destroy free radicals that feed cancer cells.