Having arthritis is no joke. It is quite uncomfortable, and the disease itself puts you at risk for other illnesses that come with age such as diabetes, hypertension, and development of heart disease. As you get older, some diseases like arthritis may not be avoidable, but with proper care, you can avoid acquiring it at an early age.

Arthritis is the term used to describe a disorder in the joints that is often characterized by stiffness and mild to severe pain. Often times, the inflammation in the joint is what causes the pain, and patients suffering from this disease is given medication to reduce the inflammation and control the pain. But like medication, food is quite important which is why there is a wide array of food choices best fit for patients suffering from arthritis.

Proper hydration is vital in lubricating the joints and increasing blood flow. This should never be neglected. It is equally as important as food. Plus, there are drinks that can help lessen inflammation as well. Here are seven drinks that we highly recommend if you do have arthritis. They are packed with nutrients and great at reducing inflammation in general:

1. Water

The human body is primarily composed of water. Approximately 70% of water is used in our bodies in order to function properly. If there is an insufficient amount of water, or if you are dehydrated, toxins responsible for causing the inflammation in your arthritis cannot be flushed out.

Drink approximately 2 liters of fresh water. Avoid the consumption of fancy vitamin water will not be as effective in transporting the nutrients you need from food since they are filled with sugar. Just your regular drinking water should do fine.

2. Tart Cherry Juice

Juice would not be recommended by your physician when you have arthritis. This is due to the fact that it is high in sugar and has absolutely no fiber. Without fiber, the sugar ends up in your bloodstream and would cause an imbalance. Another fruit you want to avoid is grapefruit, based on research it is able to alter the effects of arthritis medication.

In spite of these restrictions, there are exceptions to the rule. Tart cherry juice has been proven to reduce osteoarthritis and gout symptoms over time. It is quite tasty as well as nutritious.

3. Fruit or Vegetable Smoothies

Consuming fruits and vegetables are really great for your health, especially when they are packed with antioxidants that prevent damages made by free radicals.

Ready to mix juice or an commercially made juice would have tons of preservatives and sugar that would definitely have a negative effect on you. One great way of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables in your drink is turning them into super-powered smoothies. This is a good source of fiber since the fruit or vegetable you place will be utilized wholly.

Add some yogurt for flavor, and probiotics. This can also help in digestion and reducing inflammation.

4. Coffee

There has been some debate on the matter saying that coffee causes osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, but further studies on the topic do not show any link between the two. It is however proven that consuming coffee regularly prevented gout.

Coffee contains antioxidants called polyphenols that are effective in fighting inflammation. Just as long as you drink it within moderation. Doctors say that 4 cups of coffee a day is the maximum amount you should consume. Just stay within that range and you should be fine.

5. Tea

All varieties of tea have anti-inflammatory properties to them that can be quite beneficial if you are suffering from arthritis. They are also packed with antioxidants that prevent slow damage to your healthy cells that is caused by free radicals.

Green tea has a specific polyphenol that is known to protect the cartilage and bones, which are both essential structures of the joint. The epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG) is a powerful antioxidant more potent than vitamin C and vitamin E.

Tea has been quite effective that there are teas specifically made for patients with arthritis. These are made with mostly green tea and white tea along with natural flavoring.

6. Milk

Any form of milk, may it be from a dairy or non-dairy source, is good for you even as an adult. Milk, in general, is full of nutrients and has quite a lot of calcium that is great to strengthen your bones. Some researchers have shown that the intake of milk can actually slow down the progression of osteoarthritis as well as prevent gout.

For people with lactose intolerance, you may opt to drink almond or soy milk in replacement of dairy milk. The nutrient content may not be as high, but it still has enough to provide you with what you need to fight inflammation.

7. Red Wine

We saved the best for last. It is a common misconception that all forms of alcohol should be avoided when you have arthritis, but based on a variety of studies, red wine is actually good for you. This is all thanks to resveratrol. It is a compound that is quite effective as an anti-inflammatory agent. Resveratrol is also present in grapes, so if you’re not a big drinker, you can just eat fresh grapes.

Having a glass or two regularly can reduce the risks of getting arthritis. But you must keep in mind, moderation is the key. Having too much wine will cause dehydration which something you want to avoid.

The common role all these drinks have is that they are able to reduce inflammation which is the main problem arthritis causes. Being able to consume these drinks and add them to your daily diet can definitely help with relieving your pain and reducing the occurrence of inflammation in your joints.

Consuming whole foods and drinks versus drinking medicine will definitely be a lot easier on your liver and other organs responsible for filtering the medication you take in. Choosing healthy beverages can definitely be highly beneficial for your entire body, keeping you feeling young and flexible even with arthritis.